Vole Control
Bait Station System

Conquer your Vole Problem

Now that you have determined your vole type (step 1) ______

_____ Above Ground Foraging Vole Type
_____ Below Ground Foraging Vole Type
_____ Both Above and Below Ground Foraging Voles


You have learned how the Bait Station System works (step 2)____


You have completed the Apple Sign Test to find the Number of Hotspots of vole activity and the best places to set up your bait stations. (step 3) ______

Number of Hotspots ________

(The number of hotspots of activity will help you determine
what size Bait Station System you will need.)
For best results, you must complete steps 1-3. If you have not completed the steps, print this page and check off each step before proceeding.

Have you completed steps 1-3?

If your answer is yes, then Congratulations! You are ready to

Conquer your Vole Problem

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