Above Ground Voles

Maintaining Your 

VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System 

For Above Ground Foraging Voles


After the initial installation of your VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System, mark your calendar with the first Check Bait sticker to help you remember to check ALL the stations two days later. The Check Bait stickers will help you make the right response for maintaining each bait station.

Check each vole station by removing the fill cap and looking to see if the bait is in the reservoir. Be careful not disturb the bait station. From the chart below, find the scenario that applies and take the appropriate response.






Upon first inspection all bait remains   Mark your calendar to check again in two days. (Did you confirm vole activity by doing the Apple Sign Test in this area?)
All bait is removed.   Add another 3 tablespoons of bait* to the holding tube. **Mark your calendar to check again in two more days.
After two weeks from initial set-up, bait has never been removed.   (Was vole activity confirmed with the Apple Sign Test in this area?) Check to see if bait appears fresh. *If not, remove old bait, clean reservoir and replace. Never add new bait on top of the old bait. If bait is okay, do Apple Sign Test in another area and move your Vole Control Bait Station to an area where you find activity.
After replenishing removed bait several times over a period of at least two weeks, bait remains in reservoir.   Check bait 2 more times at weekly intervals. If there are no signs of disturbance, you have achieved control in this area. Remove old bait and clean reservoir with soap and water. Bait station may be left as permanent safeguard or moved to an active area.
You have achieved control in a certain area and want to use station as a permanent safeguard   Clean reservoir of old bait. Check every few months for signs of vole activity around the bait station, such as new burrow openings and freshly clipped vegetation along runways. If activity is seen then place a piece of apple under the Tent canopy and check in a few days. If the apple is eaten then refill station with bait and follow the appropriate scenario and response to gain back control.


Note: Do the Apple Sign Test twice each year, once in fall and once in early spring, to ensure control has been achieved. Apply your fall and spring Apple Sign Test sticker to your calendar as a future reminder.

* Note: Never add new bait on top of old stale bait. If the old bait needs to be removed, then clean out the bait station reservoir. Remove the support stake, and lift one side of the groundcover mat. Gently pull out the tubing from under the groundcover mat. Disassemble the tubing and dispose of the bait in a sealed plastic bag. Wash out the tubing with soap and water and allow it to thoroughly dry before reinstalling.

** Note: It is essential to re-bait and check bait stations that have been used for a month to assure voles in all life stages are controlled.

Note: Start with an area nearest your home and radiate outward as control is achieved.

Note: For total yard coverage with various locations of infestations use as many groupings of 3 VOLE CONTROL Bait Stations as necessary throughout the entire landscape.