Vole Traps vs Vole Bait Station

Vole Traps

Trapping can be rewarding for those who like to handle a few dead voles. However, trapping is not enough for complete vole extermination for a number of reasons. The main source of these issues is from the vole’s high reproduction rate. Even if you are tediously checking traps twice a day, removing dead voles, and restocking the traps, this still may not eliminate your problem. Traps can cover a small area but cannot cover a normal vole habitat or population. Voles have also been known to become wary of traps and learn to avoid them. Additionally, pets and other animals can trigger traps. Even when taking precautions to cover traps they can be found by other animals.



Vole Bait Stations

Vole Control bait stations solve all the inefficiencies of traps.  They are specially designed to only target voles so other animals don’t interfere and pets are kept safe. Once set up, bait stations need to be checked only once a week (or every 3 days depending on vole type) and are nearly invisible in a landscape. The stations can kill many voles a week and leave no clean up as the poison kills the voles several days later while they are underground. This 4-5 day delay prevents bait shyness because the voles do not associate the poison with dying. Once the population of voles in an area has been exterminated, the bait station can be easily moved to another area. The Vole Control bait station is truly the only thorough systematic approach to your vole problem.