Mrs. N. Murphy, Raleigh NC

Just ordered this from you on June 5th. LOVE it soooo much, I'm ordering one for my neighbor! - GREAT PRODUCT!!!! 

M. Rockwell, Chamersburg PA

I have battled voles in my yard for the past 2 years, and have tried various methods to eliminate them: mouse traps, rodent pellets, home remedies, fumigation, etc. None of these methods had any effect on these rodents. Upon receiving the Vole Bait Stations that I purchased, I was a bit skeptical. The voles consumed the bait in all 3 stations the first week. Thereafter for the first few weeks, they regularly consumed the bait in one station. It took about six weeks, but I finally believe the bait stations have conquered my vole problem. I am satisfied with the performance of the Vole Control Bait Station System.

Thank you!

T. Millsaps, Statesville, NC

Thank you for your system. I have been using it for about 7 weeks. I have had great success with it. I replaced some of my landscape last week. They had done a lot of damage on 3 sides of my house. I estimate the damage at around $750.00. Of course, that's just what it cost to replace it, now you have to wait for it to mature again so it will look as it did before. You can't put a price on that. Your system so far has done all that was promised, but you're right, you must follow the instructions exactly to get results. I have found the apple test to be tried and true.

Thanks again,

Peter T. Bromley, Ph.D., Certified Wildlife Biologist - Fuquay Varina, NC

This is a letter of endorsement for your innovative Vole Control. As a professor of Zoology and Forestry and Wildlife Extension Specialist, from 1990 to 2003, at North Carolina State University, I made recommendations to homeowners and horticulturists on controlling voles. I also presented the technical case to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and to the North Carolina Pesticide Board to approve the use of Rozol Rat and Mouse Killer Pellets * for controlling voles in gardens and landscapes. Therefore I am familiar with the product and with its appropriate use for controlling pine voles.

I have reviewed the prototype Vole Control system you mailed to me. I am certain that it would be a significant improvement over the methods currently in use because it will keep the pellets drier, longer because of the plastic bait station, as opposed to placing them on the ground and covering them. Secondly, the bait station almost eliminates access to the bait from non-target animals, including both wildlife and pets.

* Kaput Rat Mouse & Vole Bait is currently the recommended bait for vole control.

81 year old Master Gardener, Walton Thompson - Raleigh, NC

Let it be known, VOLES are to gardening what beavers are to timber culture - Rodents of "Mass Destruction!" Demoralizing too, each in their own determined but effective way!

Where voles are concerned, I had felt so discouraged and helpless that I was close to losing total interest in my residential landscape endeavors (in spite of my and my wife's garden and grounds having twice been judged by the Gardeners of Wake County organization as one of the 3 best in Raleigh and Wake County (NC)!

Only by shifting (in recent years) to more and more "Container Gardening", as opposed to conventional "In-ground" gardening, have I been able to hold on to my challenging vocation - though unwillingly by allowing the voles to continue feasting elsewhere in areas of the landscape they were already inhabiting!

Then came the "Vole Control" Bait Station System, which has greatly lifted my morale, not only because of its' promising expectations but the actual results (within days) of the first "baiting", following installation of our "trial" system.

Checking the 3 stations was as exciting as checking rabbit box traps during my youth. Seeing the poison pellets disappear gave such promise of brighter days ahead (knowing that this meant certain death of these varmints) that I have purchased a second "Bait Station" system to install in one of the many other vole communities in our landscape. And I will likely need a third to hasten the demise of these critters!

Currently, I am in the middle of the third round of "re-fills" at our first system, with 2 of the 3 stations more "on target" than the other. Consequently, I am doing an "Apple Sign" Test to find an alternate location for the less desirable station of the system in our front garden.

I can hardly wait to attack the next colony of voles in the battle zone (to put it in military terms), since many battles lay ahead before we can expect to win the war (which includes garden areas in the rear section of our residence grounds, as well as the left flank and right flank).

Presently, I am using the "Apple Sign" Test to more accurately pin-point the most prolific hot-bed (or beds) of vole activity. Being a combat infantry veteran of World War II, you could say: My morale is good, and I expect Victory in due time - or at least, a truce!

Dottie Driver - Dunn, NC

I am so pleased with the success of the "Vole Control" in my yard and gardens. It is the only thing that has worked in eliminating the voles after having tried many methods time after time. - I highly recommend this treatment.

Mark Thomas, New York

The bait stations are working quite well, the voles have eaten [42 packets of Kaput Vole Bait] and every Saturday I place more in each station and its usually gone by Tuesday. I have moved 2 stations. Thanks for your excellent product and vole knowledge. I may be able to plant a hosta and have it survive a season. I have tried everything from smoke bombs to gassing them with the carbon monoxide from my tractor, but only this seems to be working.

W. Jordan from West Simsbury, CT

Your products have saved my garden!