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Kauput Mole Bait Syringe in Use

How and When to Apply Kaput Mole Gel Bait

The bait can be applied anytime new burrows or tunnels are noticed. Early spring is usually when the first burrows are seen or after the first fall rains. If applications are made in early spring, when moles typically breed, you can eliminate pregnant females making control easier. Packaged in a 3.0 oz. (84g) syringe. Each syringe will make 6 placements (half of an ounce) per burrow system.

  • Locate active mole tunnels near the surface.
  • Insert the tip of the Kaput Mole Gel Bait syringe into the top of the tunnel.
  • Gently press the plunger and inject ½ ounce of bait into the tunnel
  • Carefully pinch the small opening made from the syringe closed.
  • Space injections 15 feet apart. If possible, apply to several active tunnels.


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PDF icon Kaput Mole Gel Bait Label [pdf]

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Why purchase Kaput Mole Gel Bait?

  • The Kaput Mole Gel Bait is the only EPA approved bait which simulates a mole's natural food source and has an antidote. The active ingredient, Warfarin, is an anticoagulant and the antidote is Vitamin K. Other products that contain zinc phosphide and bromethalin do not have an antidote. It would take over 7 pounds of our mole (and vole) bait to kill a 50 pound dog, according to a University of Nebraska study.
  • Unlike a competitor's gummy worm, Kaput Mole Gel Bait cannot be easily pushed out of the tunnel and will not melt. The gummy worms require gloves, melt at about 120 degrees (think of a hot car or garage) and DO NOT HAVE AN ANTIDOTE. Their active ingredient is bromethalin, which is a neurotoxin that causes seizures, paralysis and eventually death.
  • Once correctly applied to a mole's tunnel system, the gel bait stays put. There is little chance of it popping out through the soil. Also because of its consistency, it is almost like a tracking powder. The mole may not be hungry when it encounters the product, but the gel gets on its fur as it passes through. Moles are fastidious about grooming, so it will come in contact with the gel as it grooms itself.
  • It is not necessary to wear gloves when using the Kaput Mole Gel applicator syringe.
  • The Kaput Mole Gel applicator syringe is a geared and marked syringe that makes the gel bait easy to apply. The applicator syringe is a use and toss item
  • Kaput Mole Gel Bait was found to be over 90% effective in 3 independent studies.
  • Most mole baits are ineffective because they contain grain-based material and will not be ingested by moles simply because these are too foreign as food items. The Kaput Mole Gel Bait is attractive to the mole as a food source.
  • Kaput Mole Gel Bait is the result of 14 years of research into gel formulations and mole attractants. A quality product, Kaput is patented and EPA registered to control moles.

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